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Warranty we give for

  • PM Fine Cabinetry herein known as ‘the Manufacturer’ will warrant the warranty as long as the purchaser or the one who purchased the products and installations is the legal owner of the home or office. The warranty is only available to customers in the US and Canada and not any other country. Furthermore, warranty cannot be transferred to other customers for example, another home owner purchasing the house with the installations from PM Fine Cabinetry.
  • In the event that a defect occurs during design, production or installation of the final product, the manufacturer has the right to choose whether to repair or replace the damaged product at its own discretion at no cost to the customer. Note that the warranty will cover only the products associated with PM Fine Cabinetry and not any other products e.g. electronic appliances, fixtures and counter tops etc.
  • Misuse, neglect, exposure to extreme weather and general wear and tear will not be deemed as reasons fit for the warranty to be used. If there are any modifications done to the cabinets or damage comes to the products during the installation, this warranty will not be valid. The warranty does not cover damage brought about by use of cleaning agents, variations in color and changes brought about by aging.
  • The manufacturer, PM Fine Cabinetry has the right to change designs and any other detail without being obligated to change designs to other previous designs and products. In the case of cabinets installed by the Manufacturer, there is no guarantee that replacement or repair will be exactly as the original installation. This is because wood aging and the grain differs and the warranty covers the repair or replacement and does not guarantee exact form as original.
  • Repair or replacement depends on the style of the original installation affiliated to PM Fine Cabinetry. In the event that the warranty is filed and repair or installment is required, the Manufacturer will (a) replace the defected installation with a new part or component of the same style as the original or (b) use a component regardless of the style as long as a constant look is achieved as before the fault. Again, the Manufacturer does not guarantee that the replaced component or part will be exact as the previous designs.
  • If a part or component is damaged by one of the staff during installation, the warranty can be used. The time for the warranty to be valid is 6 months after installation. The time varies between residential and commercial installations. As agreed during the transaction, the warranty will apply strictly according to the duration indicated.
  • Any part of the repair or replacement done as a result of the warranty being filed is not guaranteed to resemble the original design. Factors like grain, color and the natural aging of wood need to be observed and the warranty will only cover repair or replacement, not the restoration of the exact appearance.

This warranty will only be used by products affiliated to PM Fine Cabinetry Inc. Any other product(s) are not covered in this warranty.

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