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With a decades’ worth of experience, we have learned all the necessary skills needed to come up with design
that will transform your home into a heaven of comfort and warmth.

The Answer to all your cabinetry needs

The Best Cabinets

You have a dream of having the best cabinets in your kitchen and home. PM Fine Cabinetry is the answer to all your cabinetry needs. With a decades’ worth of experience, we have learned all the necessary skills needed to come up with designs that will transform your home into a heaven of comfort and warmth. Since we have the clients’ interests at heart, our products are of the highest quality with different styles to accommodate different people with varying styles. As if this is not enough, we also invite clients to bring their own designs so that we can work with them.

Cabinets from the highest quality hardwoods

Why We Use Hardwoods?

Apart from kitchen cabinets, we also design doors for the cabinets and bathroom cabinets from the highest quality hardwoods. This ensures quality is upheld and durability is something the client will not have to think about. You may wonder why we use hardwoods instead of other types of wood. Here are a few reasons why:

Hardwoods are naturally occurring and prolifically grow without hindrance. This ensures that the finished product can last for a long time and the environment is cared for since they grow frequently.

Using hardwood indigenous to USA and Canada is cheaper as importing from Asia and South America is expensive. Although some of the imported hardwoods are of good quality, it is better to use some of the indigenous trees.

Depending on person’s taste and preference, they may request for us to use a specific type of wood. We accommodate this for those who want a particular result. For example, some have asked that their cabinets be made from clear hickory, the hardest wood in the US. Although this means more effort, skill and care on our part, we ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

Apart from creating well-designed, durable products PM Fine Cabinetry prides itself in having impeccable customer service. Dealing with customers and their needs can be challenging but our design experts are trained to relate well with the clients so that they can benefit from the professional relationship. If there are any problems or anything that needs to be dealt with, we handle everything professionally.

Quality to last for a long time to come. We do not create products that will last for a short period only to break down and leave you stranded with faulty products. Each and every design has been carefully made to withstand the wear and tear of time.

Respect for all clients. As the client, you are our best ambassador to other people. In order to keep you happy and satisfied, our customer service is top notch. When clients are treated respectfully, they will spread the word to others.

Keep the creativity level up and incorporate technology into the design process. Through this we become efficient and in effect care for the environment as less waste is produced.

Giving back to the community and to the ones that played a role in our success. This is majorly our clients. We ensure their interests are catered for to the full.

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Experienced Designers

Our services are built on four core values:


Our products are designed and created using durable materials that will last for many years.


Throughout the design and development process, our clients’ needs are our top priority.


Using the latest in design technology, our experts deliver efficiency and precision.

Giving Back

We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with leading community organizations.

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