Our Company

You have a dream of having the best cabinets in your kitchen and home. PM Fine Cabinetry is the answer to all your cabinetry needs. With a decades' worth of experience, we have learned all the necessary skills needed to come up with designs that will transform your home into a haven of comfort and warmth. Since we have the clients' interests at heart, our products are of the highest quality with different styles to accommodate different people with varying styles. As if this is not enough, we also invite clients to bring their own designs so that we can work with them.

Apart from kitchen cabinets, we also design doors for the cabinets and bathroom cabinets from the highest quality hardwoods. This ensures quality is upheld and durability is something the client will not have to think about. You may wonder why we use hardwoods instead of other types of wood. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Hardwoods are naturally occurring and prolifically grow without hindrance. This ensures that the finished product can last for a long time and the environment is cared for since they grow frequently.
  • Using hardwood indigenous to USA and Canada is cheaper as importing from Asia and South America is expensive. Although some of the imported hardwoods are of good quality, it is better to use some of the indigenous trees.

Depending on person's taste and preference, they may request for us to use a specific type of wood. We accommodate this for those who want a particular result. For example, some have asked that their cabinets be made from clear hickory, the hardest wood in the US. Although this means more effort, skill and care on our part, we ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

Apart from creating well-designed, durable products PM Fine Cabinetry prides itself in having impeccable customer service. Dealing with customers and their needs can be challenging but our design experts are trained to relate well with the clients so that they can benefit from the professional relationship. If there are any problems or anything that needs to be dealt with, we handle everything professionally. This attitude is driven by our core values, which are:

  • Quality to last for a long time to come. We do not create products that will last for a short period only to break down and leave you stranded with faulty products. Each and every design has been carefully made to withstand the wear and tear of time.
  • Respect for all clients. As the client, you are our best ambassador to other people. In order to keep you happy and satisfied, our customer service is top notch. When clients are treated respectfully, they will spread the word to others.
  • Keep the creativity level up and incorporate technology into the design process. Through this we become efficient and in effect care for the environment as less waste is produced.
  • Giving back to the community and to the ones that played a role in our success. This is majorly our clients. We ensure their interests are catered for to the full.

PM Fine Cabinetry will be your best partner in making your home the best for you and your family.


PM Fine Cabinetry is dedicated to giving the best services in the industry. This can be proven by the track record we've set. You should not take that as your final word; have a look at what type of services we offer and then make the decision.

  • All wooden cabinets and their doors are manufactured from the best of the hardwoods like Oak, Rose Wood, Cherry, Pine and Maple among others. These raw materials will eventually bring forth quality products that will transform your kitchen or room into a beautiful part of the home.
  • Array of styles- apart from the classic styles that are part of our portfolio, PM Fine Cabinetry ensure that the client is satisfied. To cater to this, we welcome input from our clients i.e. if you have a particular design we will work with it and ensure you have the best. If the design needs to be customized, we also offer advice on the best in order to keep the home looking stylish.
  • Specialized services for both residential and commercial clients- PM Fine Cabinetry is not just for homes and residential areas but also cater to the needs of commercial areas such as businesses and offices. As these different areas need different styles, we ensure to give the best. Custom built-in installations are designed to the client's specifications down to the minute of details. We also specialize in personalized office furniture and media centers.
  • State-of-the-art computerized designing- our expert designers and support staff are dedicated to offer the best. We use the latest in technology software to come up with beautiful and creative designs. With this software, we are able to take in your design and make some tweaks to make it the perfect design for your home or office. We have the capability of designing any room from scratch, so rest assured that all will be taken care of in due time. This computerized design also deal with color mixing so don't worry about whether the cabinets will be your desired color. With this capability, any color can be created to the right shade.
  • For the clients in want of a beautiful kitchen, we have you covered as the countertops designed at PM Fine Cabinetry are the best. We ensure that the final product fits the design wanted by the client to the exact specifications. For this kind of project, our skilled experts have the know-how needed to give the best product and in time.
All the above services offered are done by professionals and detail is taken with the utmost seriousness. Finishing is a detail in itself so the work needs to be perfect to achieve the desired results. The rates are reasonable and we accommodate our clients' needs within their price ranges. The quotes are detailed without any hidden costs and the delivery punctually for items that are being designed and produced at the main production factory. Furthermore, the experts that you'll deal with have excellent people skills, being able to relate with all as they are polite and treat all with dignity and respect.
Our Process

PM Fine Cabinetry has the best at heart for all our clients. When the project is decided on, nothing will come in between the designers and experts from delivering the finished product. For more than a decade, we have been designing and making cabinets for both residential and commercial clients, and so far we have not had any negative feedback. Since one of our policies is to come up with the clients' exact needs, everyone goes home happy. As part of the process that goes, there is a code of ethics we stick to, namely:

  • All transactions are done openly and all costs and expenses related to the client. Hidden costs are not part of what we do at PM Fine Cabinetry. This shows distrust and we thrive in client's trust.
  • PM Fine Cabinetry delivers not only high quality finished products but they are completed within the agreed time. We have in mind that all our clients need to go on with their lives and hence when a project starts; it is finished according to the contract or project description.
  • During the 10 years that PM Fine Cabinetry has been around, we have guaranteed our clients that the quality of workmanship and professionalism is always top notch. This especially is related to the cleanliness of the working area. Site cleanup is done on a daily basis for projects that take more than a day.

After the whole transaction is completed, we do not leave our clients to care for the products using common knowledge. There is a way of taking care of the cabinets and other installations related with PM Fine Cabinetry. For example, we encourage our clients to dust the cabinets regularly, but this does not just mean picking up a piece of cloth and any home cleaning agent and going about your business. We give them the right products to use so that the finished products last for long. When the chemicals used to clean the surface of the cabinets are harsh or contain particles that might scratch the surface, the aesthetic value of the product will definitely not remain the same.

Since we use state-of-the-art technology, from designing to producing, the work is neat and precise. The machines used are kept in good working condition and the staffs ensure they are stored safely. This might sound that it will benefit the company only. This is not the case as the machines kept safely and maintained properly do a better job, which the client will be happy to display.

It's important to note that all of PM Fine Cabinetry works are included in the company's portfolio. This is so that we can advertise the company's expertise. However, if it is the client's wish that we keep their design off the portfolio, we will honor their wishes. We believe in having a relationship of trust with all our clients. As the client, you can have faith and believe that everything will be done professionally and we welcome any comments, complaints and constructive criticism since these keeps us in check.


The Warranty is as stated below:

  • PM Fine Cabinetry herein known as 'the Manufacturer' will warrant the warranty as long as the purchaser or the one who purchased the products and installations is the legal owner of the home or office. The warranty is only available to customers in the US and Canada and not any other country. Furthermore, warranty cannot be transferred to other customers for example, another home owner purchasing the house with the installations from PM Fine Cabinetry.
  • In the event that a defect occurs during design, production or installation of the final product, the manufacturer has the right to choose whether to repair or replace the damaged product at its own discretion at no cost to the customer. Note that the warranty will cover only the products associated with PM Fine Cabinetry and not any other products e.g. electronic appliances, fixtures and counter tops etc.
  • Misuse, neglect, exposure to extreme weather and general wear and tear will not be deemed as reasons fit for the warranty to be used. If there are any modifications done to the cabinets or damage comes to the products during the installation, this warranty will not be valid. The warranty does not cover damage brought about by use of cleaning agents, variations in color and changes brought about by aging.
  • The manufacturer, PM Fine Cabinetry has the right to change designs and any other detail without being obligated to change designs to other previous designs and products. In the case of cabinets installed by the Manufacturer, there is no guarantee that replacement or repair will be exactly as the original installation. This is because wood aging and the grain differs and the warranty covers the repair or replacement and does not guarantee exact form as original.
  • Repair or replacement depends on the style of the original installation affiliated to PM Fine Cabinetry. In the event that the warranty is filed and repair or installment is required, the Manufacturer will (a) replace the defected installation with a new part or component of the same style as the original or (b) use a component regardless of the style as long as a constant look is achieved as before the fault. Again, the Manufacturer does not guarantee that the replaced component or part will be exact as the previous designs.
  • If a part or component is damaged by one of the staff during installation, the warranty can be used. The time for the warranty to be valid is 6 months after installation. The time varies between residential and commercial installations. As agreed during the transaction, the warranty will apply strictly according to the duration indicated.
  • Any part of the repair or replacement done as a result of the warranty being filed is not guaranteed to resemble the original design. Factors like grain, color and the natural aging of wood need to be observed and the warranty will only cover repair or replacement, not the restoration of the exact appearance.
This warranty will only be used by products affiliated to PM Fine Cabinetry Inc. Any other product(s) are not covered in this warranty.